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So yeah, this is a roleplaying journal for Isaka/Peacock Undead, played by [personal profile] lampdevil. How am I doing? Anything I could improve on? Any problems? Anything need resolving? Leave it here. Comments are screened and (as best as I could manage in the settings) anonymous.

If you need to get in touch with me, PM my journal above or bug me on Plurk under [plurk.com profile] lampdevil!
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name/handle: Lampy
contact: [plurk.com profile] lampdevil or [personal profile] lampdevil
timezone/availability: Atlantic Standard Time (One hour ahead of EST), available evenings, less available on weekends
Ref: Matt

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Isaka's house is at 1334 Pound Cake Lane

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Please leave any mail for Jackson Isaka here.
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Name: Jackson "Jack" Isaka
Age: 30
Appearance: Like this.

Full Application: Here.

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